Episode 16: Deja vu

Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008 by -f-l-o- in Labels:

We sat across each other at the lobby. I tried not to stare at him so I looked at his reflection on the wall mirror instead.

I have seen him somewhere, but where? And when?

I checked my mobile phone. No new messages. I have been sending Hakimi a few text messages, asking about his preparation for the presentation and its progress but have yet to hear any reply from him.

“Where are the rest, by the way?” Rafee asked.
“Oh, I forgot. They will be slightly late because they’re from lunch. I came straight from the hotel.” I told him.
“Ah… How’s the stay so far?”
“Great. I just reached yesterday’s evening so haven’t done much.”
“I see.”

I don’t think I’ve seen him anywhere. I think he just looks like someone I knew from...

“I might want to go up north to check the places out,” I said.
“Oh yeah? Where to?”
“I don’t know. Maybe Langkawi.” I replied.
“Why don’t you go to Penang instead. It has beaches too, if that’s what you’re up for,” he suggested.

So he sounds like he knows Penang well.

“Yea, I am into beaches. What else do you recommend?” I continued asking, trying to see where the question might lead me to.
“Shopping. People. Everything. Food especially. Do you like Malaysian food?” He asked.
“I love laksa” I replied.
“Cool! Then you should try Mami’s Laksa Penang in Ferringhi. It’s the most authentic laksa in the whole wide world, take it from me. A secret place that not many people know of but starting to get a bit of publicity now…”
“Hmmm. You been there lots?” I asked.
“Used to.”

Used to.

“Sorry, Rafee. I couldn’t help it but I was thinking about who you are reminding me of since just now.”
“Oh? Managed to crack the memory box?” He asked.
“Haha. A little bit.” I laughed.
“So who is it? Any celebrity? Brad Pitt perhaps?” He joked. I shook my head and smiled.
“You remind me of this childhood friend of mine. My first childhood friend as the matter fact. The two of you almost have the same eyes,” I paused before continuing, “I actually started my childhood years in Penang for your information. And that place you were talking about is my grandmother’s place. Sorry I sort of playing it a little bit there. Small world, eh?”

His eyes widened.

“Oh… yeah, yeah. It will be a much smaller world if I happen know the name of this childhood friend of yours…”
“Oh! It was…Abu. I never heard from him since he moved away, I think in Primary 3 or something. I can’t even remember his full name! Haha. Do you know any Abu?” I asked.

Rafee shook his head.