Episode 17:Towards the end..

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Abu, yes I know him. He’s my brother. And Maya, thank you for reminding me why you too look so familiar to me. If only I could say these words out loud. If only..

Our conversation was put on halt when my phone rang. I looked at the number. It’s from UK. Hakimi perhaps..but.. I gestured to Maya pointing out that I have to take that phone call and she nodded. I stood up and walked away so that no one could hear our conversation.


“It’s Bill.”

Oh, ok. Bill, one of our ‘project’s’ team member. But how did he get my number? Only Hakimi knew this line. Did something happened to him?

“Ok. But how did you get this number? Did something happened?” My heart was beating fast. Please, don’t tell me the plan went wrong. Please..

“Something DID happen. That’s why I call. I found this phone in Hakimi’s room. And your number was on it. Shit, man. We’re in deep shit. Hakimi’s gone man..gone.” Bill went berserk. There was panic, frustration and depressed all mixed up in his voice.

“What do you mean gone? Did he fled or..”

“He’s dead man!DEAD! Something happened during the conference..” and Bill told me everything. From the escape to the accident.

I was numb. I couldn’t respond. How was I supposed to react? Sad? Happy?
Yes, Abu! We did it! You did it!

Although it didn’t turn out perfect and Hakimi had been a victim of our plan, we did it! We never expect anything bad to happen. But..if a sacrifice had to be made, what done is done. It’ll be worse if Hakimi’s alive, I thought. It’ll be bad for us. I knew about his plans. How I was going to be disposed…along with Abu.

“Hey, Raf, you hear me or not? I have to call Prof Z and tell him of our situation. The project’s a disaster. We lost everything. And our mastermind, Prof Z, he should know how to handle this.” Bill said and hung up. He didn’t give me any chance to respond.

I steadied myself. I started to feel the adrenaline rush. Oh, so close. We are so close than ever Abu. You’ve done your part and now it’s my turn.

I composed myself and walked back towards Maya. Prof Z was still in his room. I’m sure he’ll be getting a call by now. I was surprised to see tears in Maya’s eyes. She was gripping her phone in her hand.

“What is it?” I asked, not sure if I should be involved with any of her personal problems.

“It’s Hakimi. They said an accident occurred during the conference. Lots of people were hurt. And Hakimi, he..he’s dead!” Maya obviously tried to control herself from crying.

“I didn’t know you knew him. In fact I just received the same call. Prof Z’s going to devastated. This project of ours, I’m sure it will be affected. Badly.” I said. It’s hard to try consoling a woman. Let alone someone you just met. I felt bad. I’m sure it’s not because Hakimi’s gone now. But those tears..

“I don’t exactly know like really know him. It’s just that it’s been a long time since we’ve last met and we were supposed to meet up tomorrow. I guess, the fact that he’s someone I knew although not close and that this meeting that would’ve take place if he’s still here. It feels weird you know. To lose someone like that. I dunno. With everything that’s happening to me right now, it’s like everything’s falling apart somehow..” Maya sighed. Wiping the tears from her cheeks.

She’s strong, I thought. Although I had no idea what was going on with her life right now, it’s just that I feel that she’s a strong person. I’m sorry Maya. For making you lose someone. But in the end, I guess I’m actually doing you a favor. Hakimi is bad news. To us, to you, to everyone. I mean..was. Past tense.

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw Nina and Mike running towards me and Maya.

“Rafee!” Mike called and stopped at his track when he located me. “ It’s Prof Z. We were in his room discussing about our project. And then he received a call. All I know he looked shocked and the next thing we knew he was on the floor, fell from his wheelchair!” he was talking as fast as he could.

“Yeah, and we tried calling him a few times. He was unconscious. And when I tried checking his pulse…oh God! There was none. I think he had a heart attack!” Nina continued, panting a little.

“ He’s dead?!” I asked, startled and shocked. I heard a soft gasp behind me where Maya stood.

“Uncle Zainol’s dead?” she asked, her voice came out. Almost whispering.

“I..we think so. I..I need to call the ambulance though. I’ll report to the hotel,” Nina ran past us towards the lobby, looking for any hotel staff available.

“Rafee, how about the project then?” Mike closed on to me while consciously staring at Maya making sure she couldn’t listen to us. “ I just heard about Hakimi. And then Prof Z. We are the only one left. It’s your call now.” Mike lowered his voice. I could practically feel his breath on my face. We were too close for comfort.

I took a step back and said, “We abort. There’s no point continuing it now. Melur’s gone. Hakimi and Prof Z’s dead. We need to dispose all our documentation. And you know what to do after that’s done. We never met. I don’t know you. So does the whole team, whoever that’s left.”

Mike nodded and headed back to where he came from..Prof Z’s room.

It’s going on as planned. But not this way. Too many deaths. Too much sacrifices. It had been a disaster from the start. It always have been.

I was supposed to dispose all of the project’s files but now, it’s pretty much done for me. All I can do now is wait. Wait for the end to come and start a new life.
“Maya,” I turned, calling Maya. She was now sobbing. Any strength that was left in her was now gone.

I walked towards Maya, sat down beside her and put my arms around her. For comfort. For all the losses. I’m sorry, Maya..