Chapter 7: The stake

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"What?!Who..are you guys?"Man staring at the men in black then to Prof Z. Shocked to see Prof Z on the ground with blood shot eyes.

Rizal ran to Prof Z trying to help him up.He had no idea what had happened in the bathroom earlier and why Prof Z was crying.To see a man cry is one thing..but to see your professor cry in the bathroom on the floor was another whole story. With the presence of the men in black he met before in Prof Z office, Rizal suspected something bad had took place.

"What did you do to him?" Rizal squatting on the floor next to Prof Z looking up at the men expecting an answer.

Man who was too shocked stood at his place not moving an inch.

"We meet again U001,"said 'shorty'."I've read about you and I'm impressed."Ignoring Rizal's question and turned back to look at Man. "And you, U002..not bad at all." he said sneering at Man.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about but whatever it is..I want to know what's going on and who are you people?!"Man suddenly composed..trying to take charge of the whole situation, trying his best not to be intimidated with the strangers.

"You'll know about us soon.That I can promise you.Nothing happened here and I do mean NOTHING happened in here.For your sake and for your friend, anything you see or heard in this room STAY in this room.And that's a warning," the taller guy said monotonously, looking at Man and then to Rizal.

"You're threatening us?"Rizal stood up, upwelling with anger.

Shorty chuckled, "No threat.Just a warning. You don't want to end up like your friends, do you?"

Rizal face changed, confused with those words but then it suddenly hit him.Seth and Nadia..they suddenly canceled their meeting with the group.Did something happened to them? "What..what did you do to Seth and Nadia?"Rizal asked, stammering.

Man who was more confused than Rizal at this point look directly at Rizal'"Rizal, what are you talking about?What do you mean?What does this have anything to do with them?"

Rizal ignored Man and continued staring at the men demanding for answers.

The men in black just laughed and walked towards the door.Man who was positioned between them and the door tried to block their path but at a flash of a moment, the taller guy took Man in his arms, pulled him away and knocked him out cold sending Man crashing down the floor.

"Man!!!" Rizal screamed hurrying towards Man.By the time he got to Man the men were already at the door.The taller guy walked out and shorty paused at the door.

"Take this as a reminder for you.Remember what I said before..everything you witnessed today stay in here,"he said and left.

Not bothering to go after the men in black knowing what they were capable of, Rizal checked Man's pulse and let out a sigh of relief when he found it."Man's okay.He's just unconscious,"he said loudly to Prof Z and turned around to face his professor."Prof, I have no idea what the hell is going on but you have alot of explaining to do."

Prof Z was still on the floor, face paler than before and started to break down again. "They've gone to far,"he thought."But I need to proceed with the project or the lives of the other 4 students of mine will be in alot more danger.What have I got myself into.."

Rizal was still waiting for Prof Z to at least react to the situation.He needed to know about those men, the whole project, the file and last but not least, he needed to know what happened to Seth and Nadia.

Prof Z mustered all his strength that was left in him and stood up.His body was shaking and he tried his best to control his tears."Rizal, bring Man to my room. I'll explain as much as I could."

Rizal pulled Man up and carried him on his shoulder and the three of them walked out heading towards Prof Z's room.


Half an hour later, all three of them had settled down in the room. Man awoke with a huge bulge in the back of his head.Still feeling disoriented and pain, he insisted on joining them and demanding to know the whole story.

Unfortunately, all they got from Prof Z was a document bag.

"In this bag, you'll find out the instructions for your project.No matter what happen, you MUST proceed with this project. If not, all your lives will be in serious danger. And I can't afford to lose any of you. What is behind this project I can't reveal to you and I sincerely apologise for that. Not that I don't want to, but if I do, I'll be doing more harm than good.By the time you complete the project, you will know what is going on," said Prof Z.

"But Prof," Rizal cut off Prof Z "What is so important about this project that our lives now are at stake??I'm sorry but I have to tell you this.When I was in your room the other day, I saw the file on ULAM project that you left on the table.I took a peek but all I saw were our names and..goats!!Does this have anything to do with what we're going to do?!"

Man was dumbfounded by the explanation of his friend and professor. He didn't want to interfere for he knew he was a just a victim, being at the wrong place at the wrong time but his main concern was only one thing," Prof, I don't give a shit about this project right now,"he said obviously pissed off with the whole situation,"What I want to know is that what they said about Seth and Nadia.Is it true?Did something bad happened to them?"

Prof Z looked down, not daring to look into the eyes of his students. "I'm sorry.They're dead..,"

Rizal and Man both were purely shocked. Both were now shaken after hearing the news. Both could not believe a word their professor had told them but knowing the fact that after what they have just gone through earlier..they had to swallow the truth.

Man who could not contol his anger anymore, rose up and barged towards Prof Z.He didn't give a shit that he was just a student and he was about to confront his professor. He didn't give a shit about his throbbing head. All he cared was he had just lost 2 of his friends and the professor was involved.

"It's your fault that you've put all of us into this shit!" Man screamed at Prof Z."It's your fault that Seth and Nadia died.How do you expect us to proceed with your f***ing project?!!"

Rizal wanted to stop Man but he knew Man was right.How could they proceed?

Prof Z looked calm and looked into Man's eye,"You have to..if not, your fate will be the same as them."

"Your daughter is in this too.You're sacrificing her for your project too?What kind of person are you?!"Man said in disbelief.

"I had no choice for God's sake.I'm doing this to save all of you.Whether you like it or not, you have to proceed with this project!You will be leaving tonight.You will arrive tomorrow morning.And after that, the instructions will be inside this bag.You will not tell the others about what happened today.You will not tell them about Seth and Nadia.You will do what I say or I swear to God...," Prof Z was now standing, his expression changed.Between his anger and frustration, he know took control.

Man was stunned by the sudden change from his professor and backed off a little.

"I will be waiting for you at Pos Brooke.I will call you when you get there.There's a handphone in the bag.Keep it and wait for my call.Now, both of you get out from my room!,"Prof Z pointed towards the door ordering them to leave.

Man and Rizal still dazed and confused, took the bag and walked out.Both were silent.Both were still trying to absorb the whole situation that none of them tried talking to each other.They silently knew what they were up against.They had no choice.It will be only a few minutes before they have to face Ayin and Zack.They have to gather all their strength.They have to put on their best smiling faces.They have to create a reason for Man's injury. They have to save their friends...