Chapter 2: To be, or not to be...

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"Damn it!! " as Ayin said to herself.
"Do we really have to go there??" Asked Ayin to them. " I mean..seriously??" Now, Ayin is one unhappy girl.

"Come on, it will be fun..." Said Man. Trying to cool down the most rebellious girl he ever knew.

" Yeah, why not??" Said Zack, saying something like that with his so annoying, you -want- to- kick- him -right -away face, Zack sure gots some nerves.

"Say again??!!!" Ayin is really mad, and Zack just smiled.
Ayin finally sat down and doing some thinking. while Man and Rizal still planing on the trip.

"Ewah....ewah.....ewah....Syok la ko Zack...rilek2 jek, meh la tolong plan trip nih...."Said Rizal who is busy browsing something in the internet.
"lagipun ko yang suggest kannnn...." Rizal continued.

Ayin said "Yup, you're the one who suggest it and it happened to be your place, so you must know lots of things about that the way, why Teluk Batik???? isn't there any other place?? My grandparents also lives in a village, and i think that place is far much better than Teluk Batik" Ayin trying to make some point. As usual, Ayin did'nt just want to follow things without an argument.

"Sorry guys, i know i'm late, i 've to help and old lady cross the street and carry her stuff" As Seth took off his shoes. Typical Seth, his always late. Eventhough his always late, he always manage to get away with that because of his charm and wit, he knows that people hate that. Well, most of the time he got away, but not with this person...

"woi, lambat....!!!! " Said Ayin with her angry voice.

"Rilek la sister, aku gurau saja......have to run some errand" Seth reply with his usually funny expression and only after that he will answer seriously.

"So, what's up guys?? Any new information that i should know??" Asked Seth while putting down his guitar on the table.

"were are going on a trip to Teluk Batik" Man said while he's busy browsing in the internet.

"Owh, that's great, cool. But,why Teluk Batik?? I mean, we are doing some research on ulam right?? why don't we try to list some of the places that will be more interesting." As he reach for his guitar that he just put on the table.

"No guitar." with her look on her face, Seth put the guitar back. "ok..ok..dun give me that face" Said Seth to Ayin.

"Finally, you got some point there, thanx Seth. Just like Seth said, why don't we try to list other places, at least we have choices."

"A ha...Something to ponder" overused phrase by Rizal.

"yup, why don't we list some of the places first, should thought 'bout this earlier" Said Man in why- i'm-such- an- idiot face expression."Ok, people, brainstorming!!" As he takes a piece of paper from his file.

As they about to start the brainstroming, Ayin got an email and she checked it right away. "Nadya will be back tomorrow, so there will be six of us tomorrow." Ayin happy to received the email, as she's just about to ask when she's coming back from UK.

"Oh, i forget to tell that Nadya will be back tomorrow, Pak Long called tadi. Lupe nak cakap. heheh."

"Eh, atuk ko dah ok ke??" Asked Rizal.

"a ah ek..dah ok dah ke??" Asked Zack.

"Yer la, dah ok ke??" Asked Man.

"Ok sket la, he's getting better. Sok luse baik la kot, Insya Allah. He's staying with his brother, i guess he will be just fine, lagipun die kan orang sane, lame dah die tak jumpe siblings die. Eh, dah la....lets do the brainstroming."

Man tries to jot down some ideas while waiting for others.

Rizal: kampung atuk aku.

Ayin: kampung grandparents aku.

Zack:Kampung atuk aku gak.

Seth: kalo mcm tu, kampung nenek kitorg la, mesti nadya setuju. hahahah

Man: Kampung atuk aku la....muahahha , hey guys, come on serious please...

As they started to think seriously, Ayin's phone rang....

"It's Pa"

"Hello Pa, yes....we're discussing about the project...ok....herm ...a ha...a ha...ok i tell the others"
Ayin put down her new slim Sony Ericson handphone.

"Guys, Prof already decided the place."

"huh???" the guys can't believe to hear that, as they just about to discuss which place to go.