Chapter 5: ThE mOre tHe MaRriEr

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'Satu harapan membara dan menyala
Kan menyinari perjalananku
Sejauh langit biru takkan ku berpatah arang
Harapanku membawa kaki melangkah
Melakar rasa kehadirannya..oooh yeah..
Kan terpahat namaku diingatanmu'...

Seth sing along with the singer Jackyn Victor through ErA ReNtaK MuZik TeRkiNi radio station. He sang loudly as he is the only human being in her sister's new 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. Black shining Gorgeous! He's driving his way to fetch another gorgeous, Nadia. His adorable cousin also his 'teman tapi mesra' since they we kids..ahaks! Although they always knock each other's head, steps each other's feet, pull her pony tail, pull his ears, make funny faces toward each other, they still be the best friend ever. The promise lasts. To take care of each other forever and always...hehe stupid! The promise is made when they are in kindergarten, when Nadia just been bullied by a fat naughty boy... 'Pin, Pinnnnnnn!' A cute horn form a lady on her red scooter V-100. Sigh! Luckily he dont do anything silly to her sister's car. Ah, just a glance of memory n he's been silly on the road. Stay put on the driving bro. The XM® Satellite Radio is playing a sad music 'If u luv me' from a korean movie Yoongun's Sad Love Story. Layannn... He make a right turn and from far he can see his uncle's house. A sweet corner lot one and half storey house. When he arrive, Nadia already waiting at the gate with her fade jeans and a shirt. Simple but nice.

"Eh, makin putih mlepak nampak, baru 6 bln kat sane..." Seth sounded when Nadia's anchoring her position next to the driver's seat.

"Cet! Aku mcm ni je, ke ko yg dah gulap gulita..anak sapa tah? mane ko berjemur sampai dah berkilat ni..haiya... so where r we heading?" Nadia ask.

"Telawi, nasi lemak famous."Seth reply while showing his tummy.

Nadia as always, won't talk much in the car. She prefer to njoy the scenery... The scene of big pile of cutted n polished stone that she missed during the last 6 month... Sigh! Seth park his sister's car in the newly opened extended Bangsar Village. They walk to the stall as the building that placed all the food stalls is just beside the Bangsar Village. They choose a table and place the order. Nasi ayam rempah that served with boiled egg, anchovies, sambal, kangkong celur, n the most tempting is the ayam rempah. Slurppp...

" U said that u guys is planning something.."Nadia

"ha'ah. Ni yg nak cakap ni. We would like to invite u to join us. Prof Z handling us a project, 'Ulam'. Seth

"Ape tu? Ulam? Nadia

"Ntah le, aku pon tak stadi abeh lg. Diorang cakap nak buat kat Pos Brooke..dekat Gua Musang. Perkanpungan org asli katanya..Interesting huh. Ayin, Rizal, Zack, Man pon ade skali. Why dont u join us in the next meeting with Prof Z" Seth

"Ok gak.. Wanna meet them laaa." Nadia

They slowly eating the delicious nasi lemak while telling each ther about what have happend to them for the past 6 month. Laughing and talking cames along in their conversation. After they've finished their dinner, Seth sent Nadia back to Kelana Jaya. and promise her to pick her up before the meeting with Prof Z.