Chapter 4 : POS BROOKE??

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Rizal suddenly grabbed the file while his eyes kept glancing at the door..his heart pounding so hard..'i never did this before,should i?shouldn't i?'--couriosity finally makes everything possible. He slowly opened the file cover.. 1st page,2nd page,3rd page..and page 4. Only particular detail about he himself, Man, Zack and Ayin...surprisingly..there were 3 photos of goats..different kind of goats..but one of them not really look alike a goat..but could be also called goat as physically look same to other goat just this goat has no tail at all. 'Y kambing??'..

"Pa..papa.." A voice outside knocking the door loudly and scream with high pic calling Prof Z name..'this must be Ayin'--Rizal guessing.
Rizal had no other choice than putting back the file on the table. But regretfully..he didn't have chance to read other writing documents inside the file as he was so eager and curious about the goats' photos just now. But deep inside him..sceptically he think that there must be something going on that going that may involve all four of them..

Rizal could hear the conversation between Ayin and Prof Z outside the room and within a second both of them already inside the room. "Eh Zal..Y are U here?" Asked Ayin shockedly looking at Rizal whom unexpectedly exist in that room before her.

"Dia datang jumpa Papa pasal exam paper yg lepas my baby, Y are u here?"Prof Z tried not to make Ayin suspecting anything bad about Rizal and perhaps that girl never know the meeting between him and Rizal every week.

"Pa..may i borrow your key? I just realize that i'v misplaced our house key.." Ayin smiled.

"U better watch out girl..this such attitude i hate more careful next time..!"Prof Z handed over the key from his drawer and he took the P&C file to be kept in the drawer.

"Rizal..i think i'm gonna give you guys an assignment. I found a good place..Pos Brooke..Kelantan..u have any idea about it?" Prof Z started back the conversation as Ayin left the room 2 mins ago.

"Pos Brooke..dekat Gua Musang la..if i am not mistaken..tu kampung Orang Asli kan Prof?" Rizal sounded very happy about the assignment and place where they have assign to go.

"Brilliant Rizal!But my dear..there will be no hotel nearby..the nearest inn is Kesedar Inn at Gua Musang that may take 3hours journey moreless from the village.."

"That would certainly be fine with me Prof. Thanx..but Prof..what it's all about?"The conversation between Rizal and Prof Z continued and as won't last until the clock turn to 5p.m..and could be more than that..


Silence. Nothing much to talk about between them..everyone seemed like pondering themselves about the place been decided by Prof.

"Guano gu?" Man was asking what were others' opinion with his Kelantan dialect.

"We are going to Pos Brooke, Gua Musang...Kelate!" Rizal answered. Pretending that he wasn't knew anything about this plan before. Waiting for a good responses from others. He knew that there should be no problem coming from Man because Man love nature places but not for Zack. He was a tipical downtown guy...

"Hello anyone..could anybody just simply brief me what the hell that place gonna be?" Seth started to yelled to noone..

"Pa said that it's gonna be perkampungan Orang Asli located in Gua Musang, Kelantan..and unfortunately..we might have a problem to find a place to stay.."Ayin replied without knowing that she herself never had a clear picture about that place.

"Relax's gonna be fun..we can enjoyed ourselves over there..get closer to them..learn their culture..isn't it sound good? Perhaps..ULAM isn't just about the vegetable we eat..maybe something related to socioscience--otherwise Y must we being assign to ULAM right?Hmmm..something to ponder.." Rizal strarted to open others' mind as well as their interest.

"There must be many beautiful creatures and scenery can be captured over there.."Man took his D-40 (DSLR) and gave it a kiss, imagining how marvellous the place will be.

"I don't long as i am not the one driving over there..i just got my liscence..i don't think i can drive well on off-road.." Zack finally opened his mouth.

Everyone suddenly laughing out loud..hearing to Zack's joke. And for Rizal..that was very surprise because he was so afraid that Zack wasn't like going there.

"Okla..okla...can i bring my guitar?" Seth asked..As others had agreed with the decision..he had no other choice..otherwise he must finished the assignment alone..

"Ok..tomorrow we schedule our trip than meet Prof Z present him our proposal ok?"Man acted as group leader to them..and all of them were very comfortable to have Man as their leader.

As everyone else kept browsing and planning..Rizal was pondering..was hesitating..was blaming himself..and enthusiastically he really wanted to know what was behind this project. What Prof Z had planned for them..? So he didn't wanted anything hindering this project. Should he or shouldn't told the rest about what had he saw in P&C file in Prof Z's room..about those photographs of the goats? Maybe not now...or maybe never..